Hiren Shirish Patel

JSk Hiren was born on the 29th April 1974 in Mombasa, Kenya. His first 7 years were spent running around Mombasa Housing Society causing havoc for all the residents, especially Shantakaki, who’s flat he spent most of his time in. Dad told me last night, that Hiren would come home from school , throw down his school bag and then start planning his dinner. He would ask mum, shantakaki and some of the other ladies in the complex what they had all made for dinner that night. After hearing all his options, he would settle in at the home with the tastiest menu for that evening. In 1982, Mum, Dad, Mayank and Hiren moved to Cantan, IL to live with foi, fua, Bhaviniben, Yyominiben and Sameer. In 1986, they moved to his final home here, in Indian Harbor Beach. Here, he discovered his passion for fishing and spent as much time as possible out on a fishing boat. He even ventured on many fishing trips to Costa Rica and Barbados. Hiren had the biggest heart. He would literally give you the shirt off his back if you asked. He was caring, sensitive and helpful. In 2017, we received the devastating news that Hiren had stage IV Oral Cancer. The last 3 1/2 years were extremely testing, not just for him, but for mum and dad too. Everyone here has been witness to their pure, unconditional love and dedication to getting him well. Against all odds, Hiren beat this aggressive cancer but sadly the fight was too much for him. Hiren, you will be missed by many. But we know you are finally at peace and pain free and for that we are grateful. We Love you. On behalf of all our family, I’d like to thank Dr Lindstrom, Dr Ashish Dalal, Dr RavI Shankar, Dr Gazella Wagner, Dr Sanjeev Patel, Dr Raj Raval, Dr Rajesh Desai and all the doctors and nurses at Viera Beach Hospital who took care of Hiren in his last days. He told dad everyday how wonderful they all were and how well he had been looked after. Finally, I can not stand up here today without applauding this amazing community. You have been mum and dad’s strength and support throughout this terrible ordeal. I truly saw the phenomenon of this well-oiled machine on Wednesday morning, when the cogs started turning, the telephone tree started ringing and arrangements for today were being put together quietly in the background, without us even knowing. Nina auntie, Pravin uncle and Ravi uncle – thank you for all your help in organizing things in such a short time. For the Tampa part of our family – Jagu, Mayank, me and our boys, knowing that this community are there for mum and dad not just in the good times but also in their darkest days, takes a huge weight off our shoulders. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Om Shanti


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